Sedation Testimonials

My personal experience and why I feel so good about Dr. Ken Balatgek and his team:

My grandfather was my dentist my whole life. So when he passed away, I had a hard time finding someone I felt comfortable working on me. Dr. Ken and his staff made me feel comfortable and worked with me to find solutions to not only my dental issues, but with my fears and anxieties. Dr. Ken is honest, thorough and gives 200%.

– Nicole P.

Caring and concerned from the first time meeting him and his team. Didn’t feel rushed through appointments. Answered my questions. Explained everything that would happen throughout the procedure. Called to check on me a few hours after the procedure and saw me to reassure me when I had a question a few days after appointment.

– Jeannette DeAngelo

Dr. Ken Balatgek took time to explain the procedure thoroughly. He was kind and gentle. The work was completed with excellence and efficiency.

– Rebeca P.

The team is extremely accommodating. I can tolerate a checkup as long as I’m sitting up and get frequent breaks. Both Dr. Balatgek and his team are very helpful, respectful and make me feel at ease. When I have sedation they all make sure I am comfortable and I know what to expect. I highly recommend Dr. Balatgek!!!

– Elizabeth W.

The main reason I feel so good about Dr. Ken Balatgek and his team is because I can get sedated. Everyone I talked with at the office was very friendly and understood how I felt.

– Keith P

Made me feel welcome. Did not preach to take better care of my teeth. Did not judge at the fact I needed 13 fillings or at the thought of someone poking me with a needle made me cry. Being sedated was the best route for me.

– Carrie S.

My personal experience and why I feel so good about Dr. Ken Balatgek and his team: very friendly, very professional. Everyone makes you feel comfortable. They were very clear in what I needed to know about my procedure. Appointments were met immediately. No long waiting to be seen. I’ve recommended everyone I know to visit this location if they are in need of dental work or if they are just looking for a dentist. Thank you so much.

– Charles C.

Dr. Ken and the Spring family dental team were so knowledgeable and friendly! Kara just adores them! Dr. Ken and the team kept me (her mom) in the know and calm during her procedure. Kara no longer fears going to the dentist!

– Megan B. (mom of Kara)

My personal experience and why I feel so good about Dr. Ken Balatgek and his team: they were very thorough with the exam and letting me know a plan and how everything would progress.

– Victoria T.

I’ve always had routine dental care, and have been fortunate enough to never had any major issues. However, after chipping a front tooth and needing a crown I decided to seek a provider who could do the work while I was under due to gag reflex and being anxious about extended service.

– Larry U.

Dr. Ken and his staff were so kind and took all my fears away. I have tears of happiness now when I look in the mirror. I’m looking forward to all my visits cause I walk out of there feeling happy about my smile!

– Linda H.

I feel that going to your practice was the best decision I have made in a long time. It definitely was a positive experience from consult to surgery. It was such a pleasure to deal with compassionate and professional staff. I feel so much more confident with my much needed dental work. No more partial smiles to hide my two broken teeth! Thank you again for a great experience. I would highly recommend Dr. Ken and his staff to anyone. Again – thank you – you were worth the 251 mile trip!

– Dorthea B.

It was a good experience. Everyone was very kind. You Dr. Balatgek and Dr. Reiter are a great team.

– Joan G.

When I was young, my sister and I had been molested by our dentist. We never talked about it to each other til we were older! After that and maybe because of that, dental care was always painful. Everyone at the practice is understanding, caring and gives me the courage to arrive at the office and treatment without pain.

– Sandra H.

Well, if it wasn’t for his shaking hands and bad breath it would be great, lol. Just kidding! He is awesome – cares about his patients and well being. Now I can come back for checkups.

– Michael G.

Very friendly. No judgement when I first showed up very nervous on what people think of my teeth. Now that it’s all fixed I feel good to smile and laugh around people. Thank you!! Also will continue to come every 6 months.”

– Derrick L.

I saw him because I needed to be sedated for a cavity and have a cracked tooth fixed. I hate needles near my mouth. He and his team were very courteous, professional and welcoming.

– Megan D.

Dr. Ken Balatgek addressed my dental problems and made me feel less fear than others have before him. The follow-up after dental surgery was also helpful to me. Also, Dr. Reiter was so kind and caring, informing me of what to expect.

– Nancy B.

The whole team understands and puts you at ease. Always asking to make sure you are comfortable. Even when I returned for permanent crowns I was able to sit more upright due to fear and gagging when in a reclined position. I felt they truly cared if I felt comfortable and relaxed.

– Elizabeth D.

I have a gag reflex that sometimes caused a cough. I was uneasy lying flat to be worked on.

My personal experience and why I feel so good about Dr. Ken Balatgek and his team: Because they were patient and understanding and accommodating.

– Rick M.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Balatgek and his team very much for the excellent dental care given to my daughter Brianna. She has special needs, is non-verbal, and has behavioral issues. It has always been a challenge to find good care for her regarding her teeth. The entire team was extremely helpful throughout the orientation process, insurance authorization process, and actual dental care of Brianna. We are extremely happy and greatly appreciate their professionalism and courtesy. Thank you again and look forward to working with you in the future.

– Kimberly R.

My personal experience and why I feel so good about Dr. Ken Balatgek and his team: Very friendly and the work was done quickly.

– Paul B.

Dr. Ken and entire team understood my anxiety and went above and beyond, with their attention to my care.

– Karen O.

My personal experience and why I feel so good about Dr.Ken and his team: is they made me feel comfortable during my procedures. They also answered all my questions.

– Jennifer H.

This is the 2nd time Andrew has been here. We had a great visit. He was put to sleep and had no problems. They were very patient with him and that made me feel good. They are NOT just a get in & get out business. I am extremely happy I found Sinking Spring Family Dental.

– Peggy B. for Andrew B.

Everyone is so kind, they make you feel at ease and that they are there to truly help you.

– Colleen L.

My fears were considered and addressed with IV sedation. I was mostly unaware of the procedures being done. When I was aware of what was happening, I never felt any pain. I now feel comfortable returning for routine care in the future and know if I should need more extensive work at some point, I can have that done comfortably.

– Jill D.

Dr. Ken and his team are friendly and professional and they gave me the confidence that the significant work I needed would be done well. I received outstanding care before, during, and after my procedure. I also know that I will receive prompt attention if any post-procedure problems arise.

– Mary S.

A warm & welcoming environment. I felt as ease with Dr. Ken Balatgek & his team. Kim took excellent care of me after my sedation dental procedure and walked me to the car. I am very pleased with the results and highly recommend going to Sinking spring Family dental for all of your dental work!

– Stephaine R.

I love my new denture and am not embarrassed to smile again. The entire procedure was comfortable, and mostly painless. And, I didn’t feel like I was judged for allowing my teeth to deteriorate so badly.

– Sue B.

My gag reflex problem was no problem for Dr. B & his capable assistants. They easily adapted all their procedures from x-rays to the detailed examination. I did not experience pain, or discomfort, or any frustration on their part.

– Richard L.

I am the biggest baby when it comes to going to the dentist. I had horrible, painful experiences as a child. I was terrified of my first appointment with Dr. Ken. Let me tell you – there was no need to be! He is the first dentist that I ever had who was so compassionate and understanding of my fears. He is so gentle!! I needed a lot of work done and it was all done under general anesthesia. Dr. Reiter and Dr. Ken truly make a great team and their staff – WOW – they go over the top to help you feel at ease – I even got a hug my first visit. No one in this office made me feel embarrassed about my feelings towards the dentist. I would recommend this office to everyone – I only wish I had found them years ago!! You guys are great – Keep up the great work!

– Bonnie S.

I felt safe having my daughters procedure done in your office. Your staff is friendly and caring. It was reassuring getting calls from Dr. Balatgek and the anesthesiologist before and after the procedure.

Thank you!

– Rachel S. for Makayla S.

They were very kind and gentle with my situation.

– Rachelle H.

Going to the dentist was my biggest fear. So I didn’t go until I absolutely had to. Knowing that Dr. Ken offered sedation dentistry was so comforting & truly helped ease my fears. Dr. Ken never once made me feel embarrassed for not going to the dentist in all those years, even though I was. I needed to have quite a bit of work done & that all was accomplished in 3 visits. I no longer have the fear I did of going to the dentist & will continue to go back for my regular check-ups now. Dr. Ken & everyone else that works here are very comforting & so nice to talk to. I thank everyone for helping to make my visits to the dentist not as fearful anymore.

– Roxann M.

I’m very happy with the care I received from all the staff.

– Pat F.

I have a movement disorder that most people aren’t familiar with. Dr. Balatgek and his team were helpful and supportive of my pain and inability to move my neck, shoulders and jaw. The sedation dentistry option was the best way to help me and Dr. Balatgek reassured me that he could help me. I am so happy with my results.

– Sally E.

My first time for x-rays, the atmosphere was comfortable, I felt relaxed. The team was very nice and answered all questions that I had + Dr. Ken was very gentle. I had no fear!

I would recommend anyone to go to Dr. Ken Balatgek!

– Darlene W.

My son Andrew has C.P. and is mentally challenged. He would not allow us to brush his teeth everyday. I knew he would have to be put to sleep. Dr. Balatgek and Dr. Reiter were wonderful with Andrew and me. They answered all my questions and made Andrew feel very comfortable and safe. Everyone in the office was super nice and helpful from our first visit to the last one. Everything was worked out before we came, so all we had to do was show up. They kept me informed of all they were doing that day. Dr. Ken came to the waiting room to get me and tell me what was happening. Dr. Reiter called the next day to see how he was. I would highly recommend Sinking Spring Family Dental. I will continue to take Andrew to them.

– Peg B. for Andrew B.

The team is very friendly and makes me feel comfortable, especially Liz, my hygienist (she cleans my teeth every time, which is great) and Jess explains everything so I can understand it and she is patient with me. Dr. Reiter is the best! I guess Dr. Ken is okay, because I am out like a light when he is working on me!! Dr. Ken is good at what he does.

– Keith P.

Sedation is the only way for me to go if there is anything other than minor work to be done. Much easier for me as well as Dr. Ken!

– Denise S.

They honestly changed how I feel about myself. I would never smile. I work at a hospital and my coworkers would always tell me something was in my teeth not knowing there were all cavities. Now I have a perfect smile and I love smiling again. You are all so sweet and made me feel comfortable and helped me with my fear of the dentist! Thank you so much!!

– Kassidy B.

Because of the moderate sedation and the friendly staff, I can honestly say that I now have no fear of going to the dentist. I am very pleased with the quality of Dr. Ken’s work.

– Sharon W.

They made me feel at ease. They listen to my concerns, understood my fear and made my experience easier.

– Eileen H.

I have no doubt that the doctor and his team saved his life. Thank you!!

– William D.

Everyone was pleasant and very helpful. Explained things as you proceeded. Answered all questions in terms you understand.

– Lilliane K.

A very personal relationship with me throughout the visit. This experience with Dr. Balatgek has changed my life. Thank you!!!

– Collin W.

Professional and Caring staff, Reassuring. Dr. Ken is a man of few words but kind enough. Very happy with results. Thank you!!

Happy New Year!!

– Paula M.

All the work I needed done, that is the only way to go. All work done at once.

– Dennis H.

Everyone was very pleasant to deal with. They kept me informed of what needed to be done and costs.

This was the best experience I ever had at a dentist. I had no pain and was completely fixed in 2 weeks.

– Charles M.

They were all very nice and made me feel comfortable.

– Alexandra M.

The whole office was wonderful and caring. Wish your office was closer to me.

– Deborah B., New Jersey

Everyone was so nice and friendly it made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Ken explained the work that had to be done very thoroughly. I had sedation and it was wonderful. No pain, no stress. Very good experience overall.

– Gail M.

I went to Dr. Balatgek after I read on their website that they offered sedation dentistry. My teeth and gums are sensitive and I didn’t want the stress of waiting or the pain to occur.

I had three very old large fillings that had some decaying and needed to be taken care of. After removing the old fillings there wouldn’t be enough of the tooth left to refill so I had crowns installed. By having sedation dentistry I was able to have all three teeth repaired and debridement cleaning completed at one visit of approximately four hours.

The explanation of the procedure, expertise and compassion of Dr. Balatgek and Dr. Reiter, the anesthesiologist made me feel comfortable being under their care. I would highly recommend Sinking Spring Family Dental, Dr. Balatgek and their staff.

– Lawrence K.

At 52 years old, I didn’t fear going to the dentist until about 12 years ago. A root canal on a “”hot” tooth was agony, and the dentist offered no relief at the visit or post-treatment, when I was miserable. My visits to a couple of different practices since then were not much better, so I have largely ignored just how bad my teeth had become over the last several years. It finally came to a point where I was literally only able to eat pasta, soup, and ice cream, so a friend of mine recommended your practice. The initial consultation put me at ease, but I was still anxious before an extensive treatment yesterday. I must say, I have never been happier leaving a dentist’s office than I was yesterday afternoon! The moderate sedation that I chose to use left me pain free and honestly, I remember getting the IV, and the next thing I knew I was leaving the office (more than 5 hours later). I had 4 or 5 visits worth of work done in one visit and plan to sing the praises of this practice to anyone who needs dental work. The doctor even called me last evening to make sure I was ok. Thank you so much for everything & I’ll see you for my permanent crowns in a couple of weeks.

– William L.

My personal experience and why I feel so good about Dr. Ken Balatgek and his team: very sincere, really felt as they all cared about how I felt, anxious, scared, they all understood. The dentist is still not one of my favorite places to be but I feel better going back to this office and will return and highly recommend this office.

– Kathleen Z.

I was terrified the first visit. I was surprised how compassionate the group was. I chose sleep dentistry. I still am anxious when I walk in the door but the staff knows my history and are all so kind and considerate.

– Sandra H.

My teeth were so bad- they were literally falling out. Dr. Ken didn’t judge me, and also gave me a much less expensive option then another dentist I had visited. He explained all of my options, and let me know what he thought work best and then let me decide. My teeth look great and feel even better. My health has improved along with my appearance. The staff are all kind and caring. I’d do it again, but with proper dental care, I won’t have to!! Thanks to everyone at SSFD. P.S. Dr. Reiter was excellent!

– Brenda A.

His team is great! I have been put to sleep many times by Dr. Ken and his team and only trust them!

– Emily K.

His team made me feel very comfortable and assured me that I would feel no pain or anxiety. And they were 100% correct. Dr. Ken also worked with me in regards to the budget that I had. Everything worked out great in the end.

– Theodore W.

All my neglected dental work was brought up to date in one visit-and the best part is I slept right through it!

– Douglass M.

I was very pleased with the treatment and the results of the dentistry I received. Everyone was helpful, pleasant, and made my experience good. The moderate sedation dentistry was virtually painless even though I had much work done.

– David S.

My experience with the team was very good. Everyone is very nice and understanding. I have referred a lot of people to you, and I would definitely come back myself.

– Adrienne B.

Dr. Balatgek put me at ease from the beginning. He was a true professional when describing my issues and what he thought would work for me. Both he and his staff were very nice and helpful with putting my dental fears behind me. I am very, very pleased with the outcome of my dental procedures and I’m not afraid to smile anymore! Thank you Dr. Balatgek for reassuring me that I would be fine and for restoring my smile!

– Donald B.

The experience with Dr. Ken was so relaxing. He didn’t judge my bad oral care. He was kind and genial, and explained everything that needed to be done. My teeth are awesome now and well worth the visit to Dr. Ken! Go Sedation!

– James N.

I would recommend Dr. Balatgek and his team 100%. Everyone on staff is terrific. Truly this is the only way to go; in fact this was my second experience with sedation dentistry. I was in confident hands from the initial visit through the follow up visits. Plus it’s a fabulous, restful sleep and you wake up refreshed! Love it!

– Michelle G.

Thanks so very much to Dr. Ken and Kim for making my sedation dental surgery a pain-free, pleasant and stress-free time today! They are both so kind, gentle and absolutely wonderful!

– Shelly M.

I came to Dr. Balatgek because family members spoke highly of him. My last dentist visit 3 months ago was the last straw when the dentist broke my tooth and sent me home bleeding and in pain. I could not go through that ever again! That’s why I chose sedation dentistry. Also after seeing my original dentist for 15 years, I came to find out I had 7 cavities. What was I ever thinking? As long as my dentist visits are pain free, I will be a great patient. Thanks to the team at Sinking Spring Family Dental!

– Deidre H.

Very positive experience, everyone was very professional. It was great to be asleep during the procedure. I would definitely recommend sedation dentistry for anyone who has a fear of the dentist.

– Susan B.

They were good, but they first try to calm you down before he examines you. Also I like how he talks to you while he is doing his work, and that he can get very funny at times even though I was sort of scared, because of my past experience with the other dentist. I would say that he is better than the dentist I had before. She didn’t listen to me at all!

– Alexis L. (14 years old)

They go all out to relax you. They listen to what you have to say. They really care. Nice staff.

– Joanne M.

There aren’t enough words to express al of my feelings. This practice is the best one I’ve ever been to. Everyone is ultra-professional and sincere in their attitude toward the public. I could go on and on, but I would rather talk with someone who is thinking about having the surgery that I had. All I can say is ‘I am thrilled with the service.’

– Kathleen S.

Dr. Ken has found a team that has feelings and let you know they were their with you and for you! The big difference was I didn’t have to wait till I had pain. Every problem was explained, how and why it should be taken care of. Dr. Reiter finding out what would be best for me. When I decided to go ahead, all appointments were in place in a short time. No long months of waiting. This was one of my better decisions!!! Thank you Dr. Ken and Dr. Reiter and your wonderful staff from front to back.

– Joyce D.

My son is autistic. 28 years old – He fears going to the dentist because he could not get numb. So I heard about the services of Sinking Spring Family Dental and I decided to take him. I am very pleased with the services; especially for the respect and consideration my son was given. I am also pleased with the professionalism of the doctors and staff. Thanks to all of them, my sons mouth looks better and I have a peace of mind for his better health overall. Thank you.

– Paulina J.

Because of fear. I had not had dental care done for over 30 years. I was embarrassed and tried to smile without opening my mouth. It was a daily concern in my life. I finally needed to take care of my teeth because I had an abscess that swelled every time I caught a cold. I found SSFD in the yellow pages and studied their website. Everything the website says is true. Dr. Ken, Dr. Reiter, and everyone in the office was very kind, gentle, and completely non-judgmental. Work that would have taken months elsewhere was done in one sitting. I was blissfully asleep, felt absolutely no pain during or after the procedure, and a HUGE worry in my life is gone! I can smile again thanks to SSFD. Thank you so much Dr. Balatgek and Dr. Reiter!

– Lucille G.

Dr.Balatgek has done more for my teeth than any other dentist I have ever been to! He and his staff make my dentist visit more enjoyable & less painful. My thanks to all who work there.

– Chris H.

I would like to say many thanks to Dr. Ken and his staff for taking such good care of me. I will recommend all of my friends and family to him for their dental care. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I am looking forward to the next appointment and my new teeth.

– Thomas A.

We appreciate the dental experience. I can eat better. The service and personal care is greatly appreciated and made the experience especially great.

– Donald P.

Words cannot express the gratitude to the entire staff at Sinking Spring Family Dental. With our son having very special needs, we searched diligently for more than a year to find a dentist who would tackle the huge undertaking to restore his teeth to good health. After returning home from about the fifth specialist who advised us our son would need to be treated in a hospital setting (and there are none in our area), in desperation I googled “restorative dentistry under general anesthesia”, and Sinking Spring Family Dental popped up. I tried that same google since, and it did not come up like that. Divine intervention?? I read all the information on the web site including the testimonials. I called the office and spoke to Dan, who was most helpful and reassuring. Dan put me in contact with Dr. Reiter, and he was equally optimistic that they could successfully help our son. We next had a consultation with Dr. Reiter, the Anesthesiologist and Dr. Balatgek, and the procedures were scheduled. The caring nature of Dr. Reiter who met us at our car that morning was so comforting to us – no parent looks forward to their child undergoing 8 hours of anesthesia. Dr. Balatgek did a fantastic job on our son’s teeth, and several weeks later we returned again to have the bridges and caps completed. Our son is so much happier (being pain-free for the first time in a year). He is once again chewing his food properly, and overall, his general disposition has improved greatly. We are so happy that we found this practice. It was a 1-1/2 hour drive from our home, but that was a minor. We would drive a lot further to receive this kind of care anytime. This is a SUPER practice, and my husband and I would highly recommend them.

– Donna R.

We appreciated how Dr. Balatgek explained our options and left the decision up to us without a lot of pressure, as well as Dr. Reiter working with us to keep watch of my son’s sugars while under anesthesia.

– Eldon R.

Early childhood dental trauma left me with profound fear and anxieties involving any kind of major dental work. Now that I have found a team of dentists that offer IV sedation, I can get the necessary work done comfortably and completed in one visit! The entire staff is professional, courteous, and compassionate which is a huge incentive for me to continue my care at Sinking Spring Family Dental.

– Cindy S.

My daughter and I were quite satisfied with the handling of my wife Gloria, who is mentally and physically challenged and cannot speak for herself, by Dr. Ken, Dr.Reiter, and the entire staff at Sinking Spring Family Dental.

– Norman H.

They made me feel comfortable and secure and I was reassured by the staff that I was going to be okay, and I was more than okay.

– Teri M.

Dr. Ken and his staff made me feel at ease and were very understanding and professional. ( P.S. I referred my friend – she had an appt on Sept 14th! )

– Janet C.

THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! My fear of dental care was handled professionally from day one. I suffered for years before finding Dr. Balatgek and his wonderful staff. They put me at ease before and all during treatment. I highly recommend his office to anyone. No one has more fear than I, but I will not hesitate to return for future dental care.

– Jim P.

They cared about my feelings and made me feel comfortable. They told me everything they were doing before they did it.

– Tori B.

Everyone from the receptionist to Dr. Balatgek was pleasant and made me feel at ease. The examination was handled quickly and easily and Dr. Balatgek completely explained what should be done to restore my dental health. Financing was completely covered with costs and options available. The sedation doctor was excellent in explaining everything about performing the sedation and following up with a number of calls just to see if everything was going well. I was completely satisfied and the extensive dental work was completely painless.

– Richard H.

It was the best dental experience I have ever had. Dr. Ken did 4 hours worth of work and it felt like 10 minutes. I had no pain what so ever. I was unsure about moderate sedation, but decided to give it a try. I would do it all over. No more anxiety attacks when going to the dentist. Dr. Ken is the best, very gentle. I will continue to go back.

– Lynn A.

I had a very bad root canal (attempted root canal) experience with another dentist. The experience actually made me more claustrophobic then ever. From the time I first walked into Dr. Balatgeks office I was treated so well and everyone understood my fear of a root canal and rubber dam. Other dentists made me feel embarrassed. Dr. Balatgek made me feel comfortable and did an excellent job with my root canal and crown all while I was sedated. The staff was friendly. After the crown I did experience a gap where food was getting caught and causing me pain. Not only did Dr. Balatgek fix the problem with a filling but if it would have been necessary he was willing to redo my initial crown at no extra cost. It was nice to know the doctor stands behind his work. To this day I now no longer have problems in that area, no pain – finally. I cannot say enough about this office and will probably be coming back for my routine cleanings. Thank you all for everything!

– Debbie N.

Dr. Ken is a very caring doctor. He cares about you and how you feel. He is very comforting and makes you feel welcome to his practice. I wish I would have found him years ago. He put my fears to rest.

– Rebecca N.

They were honest and TRUE about the no pain – Very pleasant experience for the second time in a long time, no pain. All work was done and adjustments were made immediately instead of a couple of weeks. I will return.

– Barbara W.

I was very pleased with Dr. Balatgek and his staff. From the front door to the examining chair, everyone was professional and friendly. The day of my surgery I didn’t even know I was there, and afterword I felt a whole lot better about myself. I would send anyone to your office. Thank you again for making me feel better.

– Stephen T.

I had gone for exams to 3 different dentists prior to finding D. Balatgek in the yellow pages and visiting the online site. I was impressed by what I found and visited the site many times before I got up the courage to make the appointment. I experienced a genuine concern for my comfort and well being – from the time I stepped into the building and was greeted by a smiling face and a “ don’t worry – the doctor will take good care of you” to making my next appointment with Dan, who is so ‘upbeat’, you cannot fail to be at ease. Dr. Balatgek treated me with dignity, understanding and respect – He did not make me feel stupid in not getting help with my dental problems – which were many – as others had. I am not an easy patient! Without going into too much detail – I was urged to see my physician before proceeding with my dental work. Dr. Reiter, the dental anesthesiologist, probably saved my life. As to the actual procedure – all my phobias, allergies and prior bad experiences were taken into account. I cannot really remember anything that day – which says a lot. Would I recommend Dr. Balatgek and his team? – All I can say is – YES! – NUFF SAID.

– Violet M.

Because Dr. Kim told me everything they needed to do to me in a way I could understand it. Also, they put me completely to sleep. Dr. Reiter also explained everything very well.

– Keith P.

I didn’t have any pain. I trusted him and what he was doing.

– Barbara O.

I was terrified the first visit. I was surprised how compassionate the group was. I chose sleep dentistry. I still am anxious when I walk in the door but the staff knows my history and are all so kind and considerate.

– Sandra H.

I don’t remember anything about the visit, not even the drive there 🙂

It was a nice experience, and I feel a lot better about going to the dentist from now on.

– Elaine W.

He and the team were very patient and kind and caring with me. I was terrified and they talked me threw it and were so amazing with me. I am still amazed that its all done for the most part! Dr. Balatgek was absolutely amazing and I loved dealing with him and his amazing team.

– Samantha K.

The dental care I received as a child was a nightmare. Dr. Balatgek takes all the fear away with the option of sedation and thorough explanation of procedures. There’s no reason to put off dental care any longer. I highly recommend Sinking Spring Family Dental (Ken Balatgek.)

– Dorothy B.

Very understanding and understood my fear but need for dental work. Everyone was very pleasant and attentive. Dr. Ken was concerned and kept in contact with me during my 4 day emergency. I had the IV sedation, all work was done and was relieved my fears were put to rest.

– Gladys D.

Empathy and compassion must be two requirements for working in this office! Each and every person I’ve interacted with has treated me with kindness and respect! No guilt. No shame. No ridicule. How amazing! While I was wringing my hands in anxiety and fear, I was assured I would NOT be the exception-the little pill and sedation would work for me too! And it did! I was scheduled for 4-5 hours worth of work- everything (fearful) in one “sleeping” visit. The night before my visit, I was a fearful mass of nerves. The next morning as directed, I took the little pill, even knowing I was wasting my time. But it worked!! I don’t remember much of the drive to the office, but I know I was pretty mellow and even smiling. Go figure! I didn’t spend any time in the waiting room – I was quickly taken back, hooked up, and…that’s all I remember! There was no pain. There was no memory of a drill. There was no horrid cramping from TMJ with having to keep my mouth open. No quivering bones, no tummy flip-flopping, not even any white-knuckled squeezing together of the hands.

I sat down. Four + hours later, I got up. Work complete; temporaries in place. It was, just that easy!

Now, four months later, the majority of work is complete. There are a couple of things that need tweaking, but overall I’m thrilled with the time and money invested at Sinking Spring Family Dental.

Dr. Ken has said again and again, “I want you to be happy…” When he says that, it’s not lip service; he truly means he wants me satisfied with the results. How wonderful is that?!

Going forward, I can’t imagine ever being afraid to sit in a dentist chair again! I finally feel like “a big girl” who will follow through with regular dental care; no more cowering and avoiding!

To the team of Sinking Spring Dental, thank you! A smile is a magical thing – thanks for helping mine appear.

– Corrine M.

Having the option to have sedation was great for me. To be able to see a dentist and have no worries and fears, and most importantly getting my teeth healthy again. Couldn’t ask for a better experience.

– Ashley W.

Ken and his team are awesome. Sedation is amazing – it definitely makes major procedures easier!

– Kelly P.

Gabriella, 6 years old, has no memory of the procedure or IV. She has not had any pain in her mouth since the surgery.

Patient: Gabriella R.

Written by: Jennie R. (Mom)