Sinking Spring Family Dental Testimonials

Dr. Ken was gentle and explained things as they were done. The staff joked with me and were very nice. It is hard to explain how this office made me feel, sorry I did not know about them before, I would not have waited so long to have the work done, pull teeth, clean them. Best answer is Go Team, because they are the best.
– Jean

It was a pleasurable experience – absolutely pain free! Dr. Balatgek and his team delivered on their promises. I was extremely worried with what had to be done but all of my fears were put to rest.
– Sandra L.

Dr. Balatgek knew what he was doing and explained every detail to me of what was going to be done. Everyone was very nice and cared!
– Danielle L.

Dear Dr. Ken, Thank you for returning my smile! I have had problems for years: bad breath, fear of losing or swallowing caps or pieces of caps, afraid to smile or open my mouth to laugh… and forget about ‘biting’! The other day I ate corn on the cob and it was wonderful!! I’m truly thankful everyday!
– Sincerely, Sandy P.

Dear Dr. Ken, I want you to know I really appreciate your patience and understanding with me. For the first time in my life, you made going to the dentist a positive experience. My teeth are wonderful! I had corn on the cob on the 4th – I was able to eat and enjoyed every bite – NO PROBLEM!! It was great! Thank you again for your fantastic job.
– Sincerely, Audrey M.

At Sinking Spring Family Dental, customer satisfaction appears to be extremely important. They have a friendly, family-oriented atmosphere with extremely professional staff and state-of-the-art dental procedures.
– Gaea P.

I switched to Sinking Spring Family Dental when they first opened and have never been sorry. The doctors and staff have always been helpful and friendly. They have always used the most modern techniques, fixed a problem that my prior dentist couldn’t find, and I have never had a problem with any work they’ve performed.
– Joseph

I thoroughly enjoy the experience at Sinking Spring Family Dental and I was always terrified of dental visits. The doctors and staff have shown me it can be a positive experience. I love the up-to-date techniques the hygienists use to clean my teeth and gums. And I absolutely love my new tooth-colored fillings. I had a mouth full of ‘silver’ and hated to smile. Now I smile and laugh without feeling self-conscious. Thank you for my nice smile!
– Lesley B.

Just a few lines to thank you for your consideration and caring, and the great work you performed on my teeth. All my life I was afraid to give a hearty laugh or open my mouth with a wide smile. But you, in just several short hours, changed all that. The work you performed with my caps is nothing less than outstanding. In September, my wife and I journeyed to Montreal for a very large wedding and family reunion. On two different occasions I had relatives come up to me and remark what a beautiful smile I possessed, a smile I had been repressing all of these years. Again, thank you for your patience, consideration, caring, and outstanding work-womanship you performed for me. I sincerely appreciate all you have done.
– John

Having had the experience of visiting many dental offices in my career, I can say the Sinking Spring Family Dental is one of the most modern, well-equipped, and well-staffed offices in the Reading area. Furthermore, I find the procedures which both Doctors use to be very up-to-date using the latest techniques and materials. I have no hesitation or reservations recommending the Balatgeks to my friends and relatives.
– Dr. Jim, Retired Dentist

The atmosphere in the Balatgek’s office is one of the most comfortable and most professional I have experienced. I also appreciate the helpful staff.
– Ahmad

When I started with Sinking Spring Family Dental, it became a pleasure to go to the dentist. They are gentle, and show extreme concern for the feelings and well-being of their patients. They have been advising me for years to floss daily, because my gums would bleed every time they cleaned my teeth. Of course, I ignored it because I considered flossing a pain and a waist of time. Well, six months ago, I decided to take their advice just to see if it made a difference. I flossed everyday since my last visit and I must admit that I was wrong. This time my gums were healthier, and no bleeding! Thank you!
– Robert

Dr. Ken’s office has cutting edge technology but it is the quality of service and treatment that makes me willing to drive from New Jersey for. Thank you!
– Eric

I absolutely love everything about Sinking Spring Family Dental from the friendly staff to the excellent customer service that I receive from the doctors. Personally, I will recommend them to anyone I know. They really help to make your dental experience a personal and pleasant time. Thank you to everyone and keep up the good work.
– Alicia

The whole staff was very kind and greeted me with a friendly smile. Dr. Ken and his assistant were very patient with my five-year-old daughter, Danielle, who was getting her first cavities filled. It was very scary for my daughter to have her cavities filled, but they talked to her and told her everything they were doing to make her feel better. They treated her like a little person rather than just another mouth to work on. I thank them very much for their patience and friendly service.
– Terri

I was a little apprehensive about getting a root canal because of a previous painful experiences with other dentists. Today, I had a root canal and two cavities filled by Dr. Ken. I was so relaxed I fell asleep in the dentist’s chair. His assistant said I snored, but very quietly!
– Carl

I have to give high praise to everyone involved in Matt’s care. Matt’s whole personality has changed. He is always smiling. The before and after results are amazing, and I get very teary-eyed when he smiles and I see his beautiful teeth. It was a very lengthy process, but there was no other way the team could accomplish what they have. Thanks again from the entire family, you guys are the best. I have already referred you to many of Matt’s doctors whose patients are looking for dental care.
– Matthew H.

He is caring and patient. Explains thoroughly. My other dentist would get impatient – I felt uncomfortable with him.
– Sharon U.

Gentle, pain free, understanding and caring.
– Barbara W.